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DK Sofiebo's Alexander CH DK Dansbjergs Jason CH DK Musplheims Kuno

Sir Percival Dei Gatti Vikinghi (I)

Karasjok's Q DK Musplheims Wotan


DK Dansbjergs Ariel DK Dansbjergs Embla DK Dansbjergs Heidi
Atyria's Hope (D) DK Musplheims Liv DK Musplheims Munin
DK Musplheims RanjaDK Musplheims SifDK Musplheims Sol

Pr. Casanova de la Vallée des Dieux DK Need Fur? Echidna DK Løveid Once Upon A Troubadour

My breeding cats are scanned for HCM when they are about 1 year old and later at the intervals 

recommended by the vet.