DK Musplheims Liv

NFO w 61, born 10. May 2007

Pedigree here

HCM normal 08.06.2010

GSD IV N/N 22.07.2010

Liv is a daughter of Freya - and she was only 2 days old when I decided that she should stay in the cattery, if she were deaf it would have to be as a neuter. Now I know that she can hear and I am so much looking forward to once seeing her offspring. When she opened her eyes I got another gift - 2 blue eyes - so beautiful. Her Grandmother (Blanca - aka Standsa's Bella of Priyanka) is odd-eyed and daddy (Musplheims Gandalf The White) has yellow (green) eyes. She is already a real Lady..

I have begun to make a "Picture-Pedigree" here

Having a nice time with Grandpa Ranulf

Below - looking with great admiration on daddy Gandalf