My name is Lotte and I was born in 1962.

My first meeting with the "Wegie" was in 1994, at Roskilde Agricultural Fair, and I completely lost my heart to these beautiful cats. In 1995 I bought my first male. In the beginning it was the looks that captured med, but after Felix moved in, my main affection became their wonderful spirit.

A Norwegian Forest Cat is a very kind cat, full of attention on every move you make. It is playful and does a lot of crazy things. It is capable of having long and intelligent conversation with its owner and is always in the middle of any commotion. At the same time, it also keeps its dignity, and will defend "his property" with both teeth and claws. 

As time passed and more Wegies moved in, the idea of breeding arose, and in 1998 I became a registered breeder under Felis Danica (FIF) with the name - DK Musplheim. Musplheim is from the Norse Mythology - The land of fire.

At the time when I began breeding there was no such things as breeder-education, and I wasn't so lucky either, that I bought my first cats from a breeder who wanted to mentor me. So my first 2 litters were made with not much planning behind - I was lucky those kittens actually turned out just fine.

Then I began attending the shows first as a spectator later showing my own cats. That way I came to know the different "types" of Forest Cats, and I became acquainted with other breeders and this way finally got someone with who experiences could be discussed.

I have already from the beginning had my own idea about the looks of "a real" Wegie, and my mind has not changed much through the years - I still don't go for (too) big ears or long noses. 

You can read the breed-standards here.

As a Wegie is a so-called nature cat, there is some of the standard which is more important for me to achieve with my kittens than other:


An NFO must have a long water-repellent upper coat over woolly undercoat which is not too thick, nor too woolly. A perfect fur needs no (or at least very little) attention from the owner.

An NFO would not survive a winter in the forests of Norway, if it got wet in the rain, or if the undercoat was not able to insulate from the cold because it was filled with fur-balls.


Must be medium-big and well placed - ideally with long tufts and long hairs out of the ear. If we get back to the wild-living cat - these things will ensure that the cat has ears at all when spring comes back. If the ears are too big and they are not covered with a good fur, they will freeze off.


My goal is, that my kittens grow up to be loving and fearless cats that doesn't loose their temper, unless they have a very good reason.

If you are still reading you have deserved to get a few pictures of Pan's Truls - he must be the ultimate/original NFO as the standard was written from his looks.