S* Utblicken's Julia 

NFO d, born 17. May 2004

It took me a few years to find Julia - I wanted a completely red female (not showing any tabby) and since there are not so many red females available it took some time..

Julia is a very sweet and nice cat - unfortunately she did not function well in the (expanding) cattery and I had to find a new home for her.

Julia has had 3 litters - my E-litter, F-litter and J-litter. 

When I realized I had to give her a new home, I started to look for a red male for her - I wanted one last (J-litter) from her, so that maybe she would also give me a new red female. And I did find a perfect match for her - she gave me Janna, and I was ever so happy.

Julia has found a new wonderful home with Nancy, and the pictures just underneath is taken 5-10 minutes after she first set foot in Nancy's apartment. So great and good to see.

I also mad a little video, which can be viewed here

Julia's pedigree here