DK Musplheims Freya NFO fs 23, born 8. December 2005

HCM & PKD normal 11/7-2007

Freya is here because she is her fathers daughter. I was 2 days too late, to buy her father when he was a kitten, and then I didn't see him in 4 years - but I never forgot him. Then suddenly I got acquainted with the breeder who owned him now - and I begged for a meeting between Alladin and one of my queens. My wish was granted, and I kept Freya as my own. She is very pretty, and she has been a wonderful mother of my L-Litter.

Update 22/1-2008

I am certain Freya is not mackerel-tabby but instead ticked-tabby - and she is also expecting???

Update 30/3-2009

Freya has had her last litter, and she is now going to be neutered, so that she can find a new home to spend the rest of her days in.

Update 7/4-2010 Freya has found a new home with Christian in Copenhagen

Freyas pedigree here