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    17.02.2012 New photos of sheep.

    05.02.2012 All adults updated, and new cats added.

    24.01.2012 New pages and pictures added all over.

    20.05.2011 Heidi moved in.

    18.07.2011 Adolf & Lauritz moved in.

    28.04.2011 Echidna aka Kitty moved in.

    06.02.2011 New pictures of Ranja, Sif.

    06.02.2011 New pictures of Siv - for sale.

    06.02.2011 New pictures of Sigyn - for sale.

    05.02.2011 Sir Percival moved in.

    03.11.2010 New pictures of Siv - for sale.

    01.11.2010 New pictures of Sigyn - for sale.

    28.10.2010 Sif has got her own page.

    27.10.2010 New pictures of Sol.  

    25.10.2010 New layout on startpage.

    25.10.2010 New pictures added of most cats.

    22.10.2010 Blanca has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

    20.09.2010 Kiss is now a star in heaven.

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