Who are we?

"We" are Jan & Lotte. Jan is an environmental measuring technician, and in the evenings he has a small (hobby-) business manufacturing and selling electronic charging regulators for (mainly vintage) motorcycles. You can se Jan's homepage (so far in Danish only) here. Lotte has a part-time job as a secretary in a commune.

Jan was a "dog-person" when I first met him, but that has changed. He doesn't "work" as much with the cats as I do, but he is always ready to "cuddle" when someone wants to.

All our cats live with us and each other in the house - and they have free access to  big outdoor runs, and when I am at home they have a big fenced garden as well.

We live on a small farm north of the city Slagelse on Zealand, Denmark, and we also have chickens,  sheep, goats and dogs. All the farming is Lotte's responsibility, but - of course - Jan is always ready to give a hand when asked (nicely).

Then we have our motorcycles - 5 it is now, and all running. 3 vintage, British cycles, (1 Matchless G 9, 1 BSA A 10, 1 Scott), 1 Russian (K750), and 1 Japanese (Yamaha 750). The motorcycles are Jan's responsibility, and - if he asks nicely - I will give him a hand when needed...